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For us it's not just your website.
In fact it is your goodwill
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Social Media Marketing in Dubai
At perk-e.com you get solutions and not just packages

Every business has its own requirements and limitations. This way there is no such thing as one fits all when it comes to a website. It is not only the website that we do for you, in fact we ensure your online presence and social signals to help you benefit from your investment. Ensuring you are found when searched online, listing on Google Maps and other services and building your social signals is what we focus on.

Quality Website

Everything starts from a website and links to it. Having a responsive website with clean interface and quality user experience is what we deliver. Read more...

White Hat SEO

We hate lies so never post your articles on websites with fake IDs just for the sake of getting backlinks. Our SEO performs without such lies. Read more...

Social Signals

It's not only about getting likes. It is all about getting liked! If you are liked, fans will spend time with you. This is a positive social signal. Read more...

Advice and Suggestions

Your domain is your identity. Never let anyone else register your domain for you under their name. It is very simple and easy to register your domain yourself. Visit websites like GoDaddy, which is our preference, and follow the instructions. In case you have already purchased your domain using a company's or individual's service, immediately visit who.is and verify your domain's ownership. We can provide you with free consultation in case you face any problem or find your domain under someone else's name.
Domain Ownership
Unauthorized Access to Confidential Information
This is something very important that you must be aware of. A hosting service provider have access to all your data, including all of your emails, all the time. Shocked? Yes, this is the truth. To avoid any security issues, always get hosting from renowned online hosting providers. Our strong recommendation is Hostgator. Even our own website is hosted with them. We can provide you with free consultation in case you face any problem or would like to setup your own hosting account and transfer your existing website along with emails.
There is no such thing as "secret" when it comes to online world. Always remember that whatever you do online affects your credibility. So never allow anyone to post anything online on your behalf without you knowing what it is and why it is. Mostly SEO companies in Dubai focus on posting articles using fake IDs on different websites who provide backlinks in exchange. These backlinks can harm your online reputation badly. We can provide you with free consultation in case you face any problem or think that your online reputation has been compromised due to any such act.

Our Recent Projects

Hosepoint LLC - Hoses and Fittings

Hosepoint LLC

This is a perfect example of bringing a business online. They only had their domain name when we were assigned the project. Now they rank number 1 on Google with many key phrases.

Get eLAM - Automated Attendance and Leaves Management System with Payroll

Get eLAM

We made this application from scratch including its website and SEO. This is a sophisticated Leaves & Attendance Management System that beats almost all the competitors in the market.

My Car Insurance - Car Insurance Advisor in UAE

My Car Insurance

This is a sophisticated system with referral cashback programme where users can earn instant cashback on car insurance. With just an idea, we brought it to life along with a decent website.

Arona Trading LLC - Advertising Materials Supplier in UAE

Arona Trading LLC

They were available online with scattered and old content. Devising a plan for them, designing their website with content and SEO is what we did. This project is still under development.