Our SEO Performance First

Before we say anything, here are a few results of what we have done for our clients. Their SEO was targetted in Dubai and wanted us to prove our claims of providing best SEO in Dubai. Click on the links to check the search results and target page for that particular keyword.

Hosepoint LLC - A Few Keywords (Primary focus of SEO in Dubai and then the other regions)

# Keywords Rank SERP SEO Strategy
1 Construction Hoses & Fittings 1 Page 1 Explained Industry's Requirements
2 Oilfield & BOP Hoses 1 Page 1 Mentioned Industry-Specific Products
3 Testing Hoses & Fittings 2 Page 1 Explained Testing Process
4 NCR Industrail Hoses 5 Page 1 Defined Product in Detail

Get eLAM - A Few Keywords (Primary focus of SEO in Dubai and then the other regions)

# Keywords Rank SERP SEO Strategy
1 Attendance and Payroll Dubai 1 Page 1 Relevant and Precise Content
2 Attendance with Selfie 1 Page 1 Unique Feature Highlighted
3 Automatic Payroll with Arabic 3 Page 1 Arabic Support Highlighted
4 Attendance and Payroll Arabic 4 Page 1 Arabic Support Highlighted
Feel free to drop us an email in case you need further clarification on these results. We will be more than happy to take you through the details of these SEO Strategies and explain the entire SEO Strategy we derived and implemented in the above examples. Since there are many of the service providers who claim to do the best SEO in Dubai, therefore we are open to any such challenges. Our main focus will be to ensure that you perform with SEO in Dubai for the keywords best fitting your business.

SEO is a Science

SEO is not just a technique. It's a science. A thorough study on the brand and focusing on its content with step-by-step process is something that is primary focus.

Constant Monitoring

Constant monitoring and identifying signs of successes and failures in SEO are very important in order to get the higher rank. Timely actions can make or break.

Sensible Keywords

Having sensible target keywords are far much better than having them just for the sake of numbers. The way you are serving your visitor is connected to your keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The biggest difference what we found in the SEO service providers, specially here in Dubai, is that they are only concerned about bringing your ranks higher for the keywords you have agreed on. Unfortunately, these keywords are also suggested by them using their, so-called audit report. Have you ever questioned these SEO experts that how they come up with this SEO audit report? May be yes. But how authentic is it? Almost all the SEO service providers, specially in Dubai, use Google's Keyword Planner tool to come up with the lis of keywords. It has a set formula and process to generate this report. Now do you think if it does really matter if you get the report from Mr. X or Mr. Y since they both use the same tool? So how to select keywords? Answer one simple question. Who knows your business best? You have two options: (A) You yourself or (B) the SEO expert. Obviously it's you who knows your business best. This is the same logic that applies to any company's Value Proposition. Even competitors have different Value Propsotion so do the content.

Keywords' audit report gives you an idea of the keywords being searched within your industry and region. It can help best only for the paid search, e.g. Google AdWords, since Google displays your ads accordingly. For organic search, it is best to come up with your own keywords lists and optimize your website for best SEO results. This is best categorised as on-page SEO. This way we have completed SEO in Dubai for a number of our clients. Some of the examples are given above.

SEO in Dubai Audit Reports

Some offer so-called SEO Monitor claiming to be unique and provides with Keywords Ranking for your selected list. Sounds good but have you ever thought of how these work and how authentic are these? The fact is there are a number of tools available free to monitor such ranking. In fact most of the so-called SEO Monitors fetch the reports from such tools and post.

SEO in Dubai

To check your website's SEO performance, we don't fool around by wasting time in re-inventing the wheel. We give you full control by giving you an opportunity to install and configure free version of Search Rank Testing tool like CuteRank used by many on your machine for free. We still provide you with periodic reports generated from this tool itself.

Your online presence gives you a unique identity, which is similar to your actual identity. No matter from where one starts your trail, it will end on to you only. So whatever you leave behind your trails, good or bad, will add to your identity. Link building is similar to leaving your trails, either good or bad. Be careful when exploring this front as it can leave impressions for good. Since there are majority of expatriates in Dubai, therefore the number of forums here are very high. Most of the SEO service providers in Dubai claim to post fake articles on your behalf on such forums to help you in off-page SEO. We say it is a dangerous move to do so. Because when you are not honest, get ready to be caught anytime. We do SEO in Dubai mainly focusing on the whitehat strategies and mainly depend on on-page SEO.

External Link Building is in actual online credibility building. Different websites online talks about you and give a backlink to your website. For example, I have given link to CuteRank that will take you to their website. Since this website has build its credibility, so I have added its link without any obligation. This comes through a proper SEO Strategy and is generally categorised as off-page SEO.

SEO in Dubai - Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

SEO is a science that requires balance of every component in order to get good search rankings. Trial and error method can prove to be negative and may throw your website out of top ten pages. SEO in Dubai is very important and challenging since there are number of growing businesses adding to the competition.